Top 20 Trending Hair Extensions Styles in 2021


Long, thick, and volume hairs are always trendy. To get any length according to one’s wish, one can use hair extensions.

Extensions are used to increase the hair length and cover up a bad haircut by adding some color and dimension to it.

In this article, we will talk about the 20 Trending Hair Extensions Style in 2021.

You can apply different hair color shades on the hair extensions without dying the real hair. Hair extensions also add volume to the hair.

Extensions are the only way to get rid of all hair problems, and it ensures cover all types of hair problems such as bad hair, hair loss, rough and thin hair growth. Many hair extensions are now available in the market to get any hair extension style.

Extensions can give you a natural look with trendy hairstyles. If you ask for the best one, it will depend on your own choice, budget, and hair type.

Ways of Hair Extensions

There are many ways by which you can use extensions.


These extensions are used onto sections at the root of your hair as pre-clipped strips.


These extensions are glued or taped into your roots as pre-taped strips.


A needle and thread are used to sew these extensions on your braided-up hair by a stylist. It is also called a weave.

Keratin Extensions

A keratin-based glue is used to fix these tiny strands of extensions which are heated and bonded with tiny strands of original hair.


Strands of extensions are crimped to strands of your own hair with a flattened microbead without using any heat or glue.

Supreme Brands of Trending Hair Extensions Style

There are lots of extension brands, including all. Some of them are made of original hair like REMY (REMY hairs are mainly 100 percent natural hair extensions without any dying), and others are synthetic hair materials.

Here, I mentioned some of the brand names of current popular extensions where you can easily get all extensions as you wish.

They are –

  • Bellami,
  • Glam Seamless,
  • Boho Locs,
  • The Hair Shop,
  • Indique Hair,
  • Kinkistry,
  • Richy Hair,
  • Vario Clip-in Extensions,
  • Hotheads,
  • True India Hair,
  • Cashmere Hair,
  • Hidden Crown,
  • Mayvenn Hair,
  • Remy Ny,
  • Just Extensions,
  • DHair Boutique,
  • Elgin Charles of Beverly Hills,
  • Great Length,
  • By Wynter,
  • Yummy Hair Extensions and more others.

20 Trending Hair Extensions Styles in 2021

Bellami Hair Extensions

Bellami hair extension - most trending hair extensions styles

Bellami has highly appreciated as 100 percent natural-looking hair extensions, which you can find both in best quality synthetic hair or in Remy’s hair.

It’s a rare top-listed hair extension that may be only available in 20 colors when you are using it in uncolored hair. You can use it for doing any style such as bangs, ponytails, and long-length, etc.

You can also find it in the form of clip-ins, sew-in, tape-in, and other bonded types of extensions. While comparing its quality, it’s cheap.

It’s one of the leading trending hair extensions styles in 2021.


  • It’s affordable, washable, and usable for any hairstyle.

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions

Glam Seamless is another best brand compared with Bellami in leading the competition. This brand is renowned for its smooth, silky texture and longtime usability as extensions can last up to 12 weeks and are three times reusable. It just needs proper care as you do for your real hair.


  • You can find it sewn and taped in form.
  • Washable and easily removable
  • It lasts almost 12 months or sometimes more

Boho Locs Hair Extensions

Boho Locs Hair Extensinos

Boho Locs are mainly made from synthetic Kanekalon hair. It is handmade faux locs which provide all types of length and twist and are crocheted into a cornrow base. Mermaid Locs can be tried by those who want more prominent curls, texture, and volume.

You will get a variety to choose from the O.G. Goddess Locs; some of them are classic black, triple toned blonde, gray & silver, red ombre, and more others.


  • Any length is available both in bob length or long one till 24 inches.
  • Longevity is up to 12 weeks.
  • Easy to remove and washable.

The Hair Shop

The Hair Shop Hair Extensions

The excellent product brand, “The Hair Shop” serves thick and shiny extensions to their customers. From time to time, their products are being upgraded, and quality is increasing.

The extensions are used by the skinny and naked clips, which are easy to hide. All length can be found here.

Personally, I think those who have thick hair shouldn’t go for a short haircut. Rather, they should choose long extensions which will properly control the hair bulk.


  • You will get good quality with quantity.
  • You will get the extensions in your budget.
  • You can reuse it.

Indique Hair

Indique Hair Extensions

Indique Hair brand is natural, unprocessed hair that is used by many celebrities and singers. Stylists Ramirez also recommends this brand. They are very honest with their product quality and knowledge.

You will find every type of style that suits you. They also provide all types of extensions like wigs, clips, bulk, wefted hair, etc.


  • You can take care of it easily by keeping it in a Ziploc bag after every use.
  • The quality is supreme and premium.


Kinkistry Hair Extensions

Kinkistry is one of the popular brands in the market for its exact curl pattern. They provide 100 percent virgin weft hair wigs, tape-in, clip-in, and ponytails ranging in curl pattern, from 2B to 4C.


  • Shows exact curls.
  • Easy to fix with hair.
  • Any length can be found.

Richy Hair

Richy Hair Extensions

Richy Hair is a very famous traditional family business brand. They make their extensions by hand-selecting Russian-Siberian virgin hair.

They give a protein-infused bath in the cold and leave it to soak for at least 4 weeks. After all this preparation, they dyed it with color. Twice may give you a sorry look.


  • Trendy, and you can get any combination with a handmade touch.
  • Easily washable, and any hairstyle can be done by it.


Hotheads Hair Extensions

This brand is a special loved one because their quality of extensions is long-lasting and even doesn’t damage your original hair. They have almost 40 color combinations in their product. Maintenance is quite easy as washable.


  • The damage rate is very low.
  • Good in quality and also long-lasting.

True Indian Hair

True Indian Hair Extensions

True India Hair is another familiar brand as they have all of the tresses that you can match with any hair vision you want. They have lots of textures, style, and a variety of colors in their products.


  • Any hair can be found.
  • It is reasonable, and they have lots of stocks in the market.

Great Length

Great Length Hair Extensions

To create a little bit of fun while playing a new style, you can choose “Greath Length.” It is particularly beloved as they serve all kinds of information about their product so one can be sure about their particular choice.

For this reason, they ensure their ethical harvesting. You can easily get it, and you will find it comfortable to use.

It’s one of the least trending hair extensions styles in 2021.


  • It’s relatively cost-friendly.
  • It is washable and gives a natural look.

20 Most Trendy Hair Styles in 2021

A new year comes with a new mood and innovative transformation, which one can get easily by transfiguring their hairstyle. It looks fantastic when you modify your hair by using colorful and textured extensions.  In 2021, baby bank, modern shag, butt long, etc. style is on-trend.

Sexy Beach Wavy

Sexy Beach Wavy - Treding Hair Extensions

The easiest and comfortable hairstyle for your next event in 2021, which turns out in a perfect desired look by using a simple hair product.

It takes less time to transform your hair into a naturally wavy texture. It consists of superb smooth, natural wavy with color contrast or beach waves. To get this admiring style, here you have beach wavy extensions!

Bronzed Brown REMY Tape In

Bronzed Brown REMY Tape In Hair Styles - Trending Hair Style

The elegant extension style can bring out your natural beautiful look. These taped-in extensions are less in weight and easy to carry than clip-in extensions, so you won’t even feel like you are wearing something extra.

The bronzed brown combination will give you a flattering look. You can use Bronzed Brown REMY tape in extensions. You can keep it for 8 months, and it’s easy to wash.

You will be feeling so natural, and even you will forget that you’re wearing them.

Modern Shag Hairstyle

Modern Shag Hairstyle - Trending Hair Styles

Modern Shag style is a trendy medium-length extension hairstyle for 2021, but also the upcoming year 2022 is already fixed as the year of shag.

This style is a combination of messy bangs, 70s layered, and lots of rock ’n’ roll structure. The retro hairstyle, modern texture, and soft face-flattering touches differentiate between the modern shag and 70s look.

Modern Shag Hairstyle - Trending Hair Styles

It is an authentic look that provides an extra flow of glow. The messy bangs show a soft, soothing look with a colorful texture.

The Blunt Bob Hairstyle

The Blunt Bob Hairstyle - Trending Hair Style

Nowadays, another famous hairstyle is the blunt bob style, one of the biggest hairstyle trends for 2021. It is said that this hairstyle gives a self-confident look.

Maintenance of the bob hairstyle is easy, and it also creates a complementary look. Personally, I feel the soft and gentle cut of the lower part gives a more elegant look than the sharp angle cut.

By adding some more texture can make the style trendier for the upcoming season.

E-Girl Extension Hairstyle

E-Girl Extension Hairstyle - Trending Hair Extensions

E-girl Hairstyle is a new style of this year. It is mainly the contrast of colors, or soft pastel shaded strands. It is also used as short or elongated extensions. It is super popular and highlighted by Tik Tok celebrities.

Braids Hairstyle

Braids Hairstyle - Trending Women Hair Styles

Braids hairstyle is most familiar in African citizens. In 2021, it’s a worldwide trend which is a very easy way to keep the same style over months!

It’s a unique braiding technique to keep the hair highlight within a proper texture and curl. Many braid hair extensions are now available in the market that grabs the customers’ attraction to get a stunning, trendy look.

Are you looking for some of those?

Here it is; some of the brands like Boho locs, Kinkistry, Indique hair, and more other extensions can give you strong, thicken long hair.

70s Bangs

70s Bangs Hairstyle - Trending Hair Styles for ladies

The bangs of the 70s are again back in town! It highlights the mashup of old-style features with a new texture.

Now, it’s available as bangs extensions of many brands. It is comfortable to use as the bangs are easily removable, washable, and budget-friendly.

Seamless Chestnut Brown Balayage

Seamless Chestnut Brown Balayage - Treding Hair Style in Bangladesh

Seamless Chestnut Brown Balayage extensions are preferred in 2021 looks as it gives a sun-kissed look.

The long extensions with slight wavy brown shades highlight the silky look as natural hair does. You can use both balayage and ombre clip-in extensions.

It’s washable and lasted more than 8 weeks.

The Classic Ponytail

The Classic Ponytail - Best Trending Hair Style for School Girls

Among popular hairstyles of 2021, the ponytail is one of the most familiar for women.

This ponytail can give you a super classy look. You can get a perfect ponytail by using any brand of natural extensions. You can make it top of your hand or lower back of your neck.

It’s easy to wear type extensions regularly as an office look or casual look for sure!

Half-Up & Half-Down

Half-Up & Half-Down Hairstyle - Treding hair style for office

Half-Up style can bring out any look. To break out the lucrative outcome, you need to cover the layer of extension by original hair.

You have to tie half of your hair, and then you can make a ponytail or braid the elongated part of the hair to bring some variety.

This trendy extension style can also be done by twisting into the upper side and making little waves into the lower part.

Twisted braids with Long Weave

Twisted braids with Long Weave - Trending hair style in africa

Twists are always appreciable for both formal and casual looks. This trendy extension style consists of twists and weave.

One can also use it to create heavy curls and weaver twists. Hurry up as this type of hairdressing is also on-trend now!

Top Bun

Top Bun Hairstyles - Trending Hair Style for college girls

The top bun mostly creates a formal outer look. Sometimes it goes with messy hair bangs to give a new texture.

One important thing to remember is that a thick bun can give you a polished look; on the other hand, a thin bun makes it worse.

To get a furnished outcome, there is no alternative than extensions.

Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyle - Trending Hair Style for tom boy girls

The 80s hairstyle once again reflects the 2021 hairstyle, which is a little bit different as it blends with some modern touch.

This mysterious look highlights a combo pack of long-term and short-term hair.

Afro Hairstyle

Afro Hairstyle - Trending Hair Style for curly hair

One of the most popular hairstyles is an afro hairstyle for curly hair lovers, which is also on-trend this year.

By using professional hair products and some of the simple techniques, you can gain a wonderful hairstyle. It adds a heavy volume to one’s hair.

These soft sparkle curls make the hair bouncy.

Mermaid Locs

Mermaid Locs - Trending Hair Styles Mermaid Locs

By using mermaid locs extensions which are handmade faux locs, one can make a gorgeous outlook. When natural hair and powerful blue reflex extensions of mermaid locs weave get blended, it flows much glow.

French Braid with Waves

French Braid with Waves - trending hair styles for teen girls

In the 2021 fashion style, French braids are famous hairstyles, especially for those who use long hair extensions.

A mixture of light waves below the braid gives a sassy look. The combination of texture, thickness, and length shows the prominent look.

Blond extensions can make your hair more exclusive in the pattern.

Face Framing Tendrils

Face Framing Tendrils - Trending Hair Style for corporate women

Recently, it is very popular to frame one’s face by using strand extensions. 2021’s special list added this style, which is a unique pattern that helps make one’s face a bit narrow.

Those who have round faces can apply this extension style to create a narrow face look.

Pastel Hair

Pastel Hair - Trending hot hair style

Another lucrative hair extension style is pasted shaded soft hair. It doesn’t matter what type of shade you are choosing; it will give you a soft texture with a soothing, attractive look.

Tips: You can use soft pink, baby blue, or lavender purple extensions to create hair dimension.

Natural Texture

Bronzed Brown REMY Tape In Hair Styles - Trending Hair Style

The forever trendy look “Natural Texture” can get any time using extravagant dye in hair extensions.

One can make an awesome outlook by keeping a simple natural textured look.

It brings sparkle beauty in the whole outer look by transforming hair into a new discovering style.

Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail - Trending hair style for weeding

Many celebrities and influencers of different social platforms now carry this hot trendy look. It shows a revolution with the modern change in the ponytail style.

It’s now leading as the weeding hair style.

So What’s In The End

Hope you got all the 20 Trending Hair Extensions Style in 2021.

Extensions are here to make your day-to-day life without harming your natural hair. To get any quick thick ‘n’ long elegant style, these extensions can help you.

Extensions can solve any hair issue.

So, don’t waste your time thinking and choose a collection of the best extensions to get ready with a trendy style for the next upcoming party in 2021!

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