How To Get Rid of Sweating Feet – Expert’s Advice


Sweating feet is standard in men as well as women. Actually, this problem seems to be inherited by the analysis. People whose feet sweat excessively is called hyperhidrosis patient.

How To Get Rid of Sweating Feet? Follow our 15 steps to get rid of your sweating feet.

  1. Washing Feet & Using microbial products
  2. Selecting the Right socks
  3. Choosing the right shoes
  4. Staying hydrated
  5. Steeping feet in black tea
  6. Putting In rubbing alcohol
  7. Cutting off Caffeine
  8. Drinking Tomato Juice
  9. Lemon
  10. Cold Water
  11. Nourishing skin
  12. Clipping toenail
  13. Baking Soda
  14. Sandalwood Powder
  15. Apple cider vinegar

It means the people wind up producing more sweat than which is generally assembled with exercise or nervousness. All around the world, 5 % of people deal with extreme sweating.

Now-a -days, excessive sweating is connected to heredity. It can take place at any age. Typically, the problem barefaced itself during adolescence or childhood. This type of feet can cause slip-around inside shoes.
Moreover, suffering from sweating feet may create tremendous emotional stress and worry regarding foot odor. However, when it appears to manage sweaty feet, the person gets fixed to draw up a solid game plan.

In these circumstances, people need to need to concern about the remedy on behalf of their health.

Firstly the remedy from homecare can be maintained. For that, good foot hygiene is essential.

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How To Get Rid of Sweating Feet

We all know how gross and embarrassing sweaty feet can be. You’re wearing your newest pair of shoes, but they start to smell like a locker room after an hour or so. You take off your shoes, only to find that the inside is soaked with sweat too.

1. Washing Feet & Using Microbial Products

There are approximately more than 125,000 sweat glands on each foot. Feet should be washed daily with a bar of antibacterial soap or liquid. After that, the feet have to be dried thoroughly, and cornstarch or an antifungal powder can be applied to the feet.

2. Selecting Right Socks

The people who suffer from this problem must wear wicking socks made of natural or acrylic fiber blends. Moreover, they can keep spare pairs of socks at school or the workplace so that it is possible to refresh the feet instantly. This technique will help to draw the moisture away from feet instead of trapping them.

3. Choosing The Right Shoes

Shoes that are too tight can cause sweaty feet. Therefore, shoes must be chosen to the correct size. Besides, insoles can also provide relief to the feet what makes them refrain from sweating. It will better be better if the insoles are absorbent and deodorizing to wick away moisture and help not to spread odor. The sweaty feet person can purchase the shoes which contain the character to be breathable such as canvas or leather. And it’s also important to avoid plastic shoes and because they do not allow good airflow.

4. Staying Hydrated

Especially on hot days, the sufferer must drink while doing exercises. The hack will keep the body regulating the temperature of it. Using a deodorant spray or antiperspirant can be a good option that will cost less to one person.

5. Steeping Feet in Black Tea

This is one of the effective ways to get rid of sweaty feet. Tea contains tannin, which closes the pores in the skin and reduces sweating. To proceed with this, people can steep their feet in the basin of warm water with two black tea bags. It should be continued 20 minutes at a time daily.

6. Putting In Rubbing Alcohol

If anyone desired fast relief, one has to dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol in the middle of toes or sweating areas. Those tactics will magically cure the problem instantly. People don’t need to use it regularly because it causes drying out of the skin and leads to skin irritation.

7. Cutting off Caffeine

One should avoid caffeine-containing drinks such as tea, coffee. Those increase body temperature and enable the body to sweat early and heavily.

8. Drinking Tomato Juice

Everyone would glad to hear that tomato has a special sodium ingredient called sodium that keeps us cool inside our body and keeps feet dry. As a result, there is no option of sweating more than the standard time.

9. Lemon

Lemon is one of the effective fruit that can control problems. First of all, we need to take lemon peel and orange peel and dry them. Then when it gets turned hard and brittle, the raw must be smashed into powder. The last task would be to put it onto feet. The powder can be stored in an airtight container. To get the best remedy from it, try to mix the powder with water and rub it on your feet.

10. Cold Water

If anyone urges to get refrained from the problem so quickly, the person would prefer using cold water foremost. Daily using it, one can get rid of this problem, fortunately.

11. Nourishing Skin

People should be conscious of the skin. Hard skins get pulpy and soft when it is wet which create a place permitting bacteria to live. For this reason, removing the hard, dead skin from feet can be a solution.

12. Clipping Toenail

To get rid of the problem, one can clip his toenails often. By doing this, the nails get short. Before going outside, applying powder on feet will be a very option to absorb sweat also.

13. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a product made of alkaline. It may prove to be an extraordinary remedy for sweaty feet. So, firstly we have to create the mixture. Two or three tables of baking soda have to put in warm water. Lastly, the feet need to be soaked in it for twenty to thirty minutes. The person must keep rubbing them with soda powder in water. Afterward, the feet are taped to be dried.

14. Sandalwood Powder

Since ancient times, sandalwood paste has been acquired a reputable usage status by beauty-conscious persons. It has a significant impact on temperature cooling also. It is well known to decrease perspiration. So sandalwood powder can be applied on the sweaty feet with water, lemon juice, or rose water. After that, cleaning the portion where it has used is a must for the person.

15. Apple Cider Vinegar

Utilizing apple cider vinegar on feet makes them dry instantly and causing leave it to dry. The product ensures the skin pore remaining tight and assist in lessening sweating.

While one person is trying out all these procedures at home, he or she must be precautious of allergic side effects.

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To Conclude

Sweating feet can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of sweaty feet with a few simple steps. Here are some ways you can stop your feet from sweating so much! I hope you got the answer about “How To Get Rid of Sweating Feet?”

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